my story

Let me tell you a story about this guy Kolin Lucas DeShazo. I was referred to Kolin DeShazo (aka Kolin Lukas) of AltusCrypto by a mutual friend. On December 1, 2020, I reached out to Kolin to inquire about learning and investing in Kolin’s Bitcoin trading bot…

​Kolin was open and excited about the idea of working with me and explained the processes involved in investing with him. Kolin did make sure to mention that my investment would go through Kolin, the individual, rather than through his company, AltusCrypto, and would be hooked into his personal bot/server that was attached to an exchange.


Basically, the trading software trades BTC against Altcoins (smaller crypto coins) and then convert the alt coins back into BTC. Kolin would profit from my investment, Kolin’s cut was going to be 6% of the profits from his trading bot.


Kolin made several references to previous accounts that have made huge amounts of money, at one point promising “if you have close to a single Bitcoin, I can get you in the multiples of BTC 3-5+ over the course of the next several weeks in this market.”

He went on to promise me that as soon as I transferred the BTC over, he would send me a viewing page (through a viewing app) and private key information to access the wallet where my BTC investment was being held within 10 minutes of the transaction.

After transferring 0.5 BTC (50million satoshis, or roughly $18,000+) to Kolin, I never received the information promised (private key and viewing app) from Kolin and was unable to see what was happening with my investment – which went against the original agreement.

When I reviewed the blockchain and was told that my BTC was in an old wallet that Kolin had attached to the exchange. When I looked at the blockchain transaction, it showed that there was a total of 1.2 BTC in that wallet after the 0.5 BTC was transferred over. It was instantly transferred out of that wallet to another wallet. And the kicker is, that “old” wallet was created 7 days prior! Scam/thieving written all over it.

I continued to reach out to ask for this information. After a week with no response, Kolin actually reached out to ask me to verify where to refund my BTC investment.

I gave him the wallet information. Kolin again did not refund the investment, and continues to go MIA. I continued to reach out asking about my refund to his admins. (This is a VERY BIG operation close to a million dollars stolen that we know of as of right now.)

At this point Kolin got angry and began threatening me for asking questions. I responded as always that I just want my BTC back. Simple as that. 

I have still not received any kind of refund from Kolin to this day.

Don’t just take my word for it – there are plenty of stories just like mine…


After doing a ton of research, there are at least a couple dozen people who have been ripped off by this scumbag. We have been in contact with these people. We have created this page to compile the evidence of this scam.